New ‘unofficial’ Leeds Festival Facebook Page

We’re getting increasingly paranoid about the status of our current Leeds Festival Facebook page. Think it still has more than the official site, and because we can’t change the title of ‘leeds festival’ a lot of people are taking it for the official page!

To help keep a little transparency, we’ve decided to concentrate on building ‘Leeds Festival Unofficial’ now which creates no illusions around what it is.

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Leeds Festival 2012 Line-up Announcement in ‘next few weeks’

A new Tweet we’ve just spotted on the official Reading and Leeds Festival profile suggests that there will be a line-up announcement for Leeds Festival 2012 very soon.

When asked the question, the official profile replied with, “We’ll let you know as soon as a date’s confirmed, but it’ll be in next few weeks.”

Bands rumoured to perform include Foo Fighters, Radiohead Bloc Party and more. If you want to see more check out our Leeds Festival Rumours page.

We’d love to hear who you want at this year’s bash, so leave a comment below if you have a spare moment!

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Loads of new Leeds Festival 2012 Rumours

We’ve added loads of new rumours to our Leeds Festival rumours page this week.

Some include Florence & The Machine, Klaxons, Placebo and the Lost Prophets, all for different reasons but mainly because they are touring or will have albums out.

Please note that we’ve tried to only include names if there is some kind of valid evidence to suggest that they could play. We don’t ever make stuff up for the hell of it! (we report rumours not invent them!)

Foo Fighters Now Even More Likely for Leeds Festival 2012

The rumours of Foo Fighters performing at Leeds Festival 2012 got even stronger today after eFestivals unofficially confirmed that they will be headlining the event in August 2012.

The festival website has proven to be an unrivaled source of unofficial Leeds Festival news in years gone by so this looks like it could be pretty concrete now!

One of the administrators on the eFestivals forum said: “Yup, Foo Fighters nailed on,” shortly after reveling he had an announcement to make about the line-up. You can see the rest of the thread here.

More rumours coming soon, we’ll keep you updated as they come in. You can also check out our rumours page for more info in the meantime.

Leeds Festival Nominated for NME ‘Best Festival’ Award

If you want to show your appreciation for Leeds Festival, then get your vote on and visit the NME website, where it has been nominated for the ‘best festival’ award.

Vote on a range of different categories, including ‘best festival’ here.

If you’re bored we’d also love to hear why you think it deserves a vote. Leave a comment below and let us know!

Problems with Hosting!

Apologies if you have been trying to access in the past few days only to be greeted with a WordPress install or a ‘forbidden’ page. We are having issues with our host at the moment and as we try and resolve them it looks like they are going to unexpectedly pull the site down at random times with no warnings…!

If you want to know the tech stuff, basically they are blocking access to our database because another site hosted on the same server is importing thousands of events every night! As our site relies on a database to run, when access is blocked the sky falls in.

Hope its not caused to much of a problem and thanks for the continued support!

Arctic Monkeys Rumoured for Leeds Festival 2012

The Sheffield Pop Rock band, Arctic Monkeys could be making a return to Leeds Festival this year according to sources.

The band have become a favorite with the fans after their dramatic climb to stardom following several memorable performances at the Leeds Festival weekend.

They are currently touring extensively and with no Glastonbury this year, Leeds Festival looks wide open for them to take a main stage appearance.

We’d love to hear your opinions on this one! Do you think the rumours could be true?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

Discussion: Best Leeds Festival Memory?

We want to introduce more fan discussions in to the blog this year so what better way to start things off than to ask what your favorite Leeds Festival memory is?

It can be anything you like. Maybe it was an awesome band you saw, or a comical drunken adventure that you had.

Leave a comment below and let us know your best one! Also feel free to reply to other comments and start conversations with fellow fans! We all share a love of Leeds Festival here don’t forget!

Leeds Festival 2012 Tickets Available in Spring

Leeds Festival organisers have published on Facebook that tickets for the 2012 festival will go on sale in the spring:

“In case you missed it: Leeds Festival will take place on August bank holiday weekend (Friday 24th – Sunday 26th August). Tickets and line-up coming in the Spring. It will be awesome. See you there.”

You can view the post here.

No real surprises! We expect they will go on sale some time in mid-March.

So far there are no officially confirmed acts but early rumours suggest that Bloc Party, The Foo Fighters and The Red Hot Chili Peppers could all take a slot on the main stage.

More news coming soon!

Happy New Year From

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great festive period and are finding the work routine isn’t biting too hard already.

We will continue to be the number one source of unofficial Leeds Festival 2012 updates for the next 8 months as the festival hype builds.

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All the best for 2012, lets hope the line-up is going to be a good one!

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