Leeds Festival 2012 Revelers to get Free Burgers and Beers

Weekend ticket holders at Leeds Festival 2012 will be entitled to a free burger and beer each day officials have confirmed.

The following message was posted on Facebook today: “Well would you look at this… Weekend ticket holders will get a FREE BURGER & BEER EACH DAY at the festival this year. Anyone else think Leeds 2012 is gonna be THE BEST?!” #

The announcement came with mixed reviews while others were left highly surprised at the announcment.

Will you be looking forward to tucking into a tasty burger this year? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about this news.

Tickets for this years festival will go on sale next monday at 7:15pm. The line-up will also be announced at the same time.

Rumoured acts currently include Kasabian, Bloc Party, Foo Fighters and more…

New Leaked Leeds Festival 2012 Poster!

I already know what you thinking…we already posted one line-up ‘leak’ this week and it looks as though its pretty much a fake after Slipknot confirmed they were not playing, however this new one does seem to look a little more legit!

I was send this by a reader who wished to remain anonymous (understandable) but apparently they reckon its 100% legit and is a mobile phone shot taken from an issue of Kerrang which is set to go out after the Leeds Festival line-up is officially announced.

Reader X informed me that the person that sent this to them works for Bauer Media, the company behind Kerrang and many other popular publications.

We understand this could seem a little fascicle posting numerous line-up posters, but we post this stuff so that everyone can investigate!

UPDATE 23/2/12 – Had another email this morning from the same guy explaining that this is a draft for the next issue of Kerrang, and not the complete line-up. He claims most of the acts on here will play though

Let us know your thoughts!

Slipknot Confirm they will not play Leeds Festival 2012

Slipknot have confirmed that they will not be making an appearance at Leeds Festival 2012.

“There are rumors flying around that we’re playing Leeds and Reading this year. They’re not true. Just setting the record straight,” [#] Tweeted lead singer Corey Taylor yesterday.

This news also suggests that the line-up poster we were send this week could also be a fake! boo! Take a look at that here.

The official line-up will be confirmed on 12th March 2012 at 7:15pm. Tickets will also go on sale at the same time.

Tribes Self Confirm Leeds Festival 2012

According to one of our (very helpful!) readers, Tribes have confirmed that they will appear at Leeds Festival 2012.

The band announced the news at the NME Radar tour this week just gone.

So far there are no officially confirmed bands for Leeds Festival 2012, but there has been a leaked line-up poster circulated this week which you can see here.

Tickets go on sale on 12th March 2012 at 7:15pm.

Remember if you hear of any bands confirming themselves or have any useful info you think we should publish e-mail us on hello@leedsfest.org.

Most Believable Leeds Festival 2012 Line-up Poster Yet?

Could the following image be the real line-up for Leeds Festival 2012? This is certainly the most legitimate looking poster we’ve seen so far.

Would love to hear some thoughts so please leave a comment below!

(Thanks loads for tweeter @NickCreaser who shared this with us!)

Leeds Festival 2012 Ticket and Line-up Date Confirmed

Leeds Festival 2012 organisers have confirmed that the first major line-up announcement will be made on March 12  2012 at 7:15pm, swiftly followed by the release of tickets.

They posted the following message on Facebook earlier today:

“So here it is, the date you’ve been after for months…we’ll be announcing the line-up of dreams on Monday 12th March at 7.15pm.”

Rumoured acts currently include Foo Fighters, The Macabees, The Cure and more. For more line-up possibilities check out our rumours page.

Spread the cost of your Leeds Festival 2012 Ticket

Good news for those of you that find it difficult to afford a Leeds Festival ticket:

This year you will be able to spread the cost of Leeds Festival 2012 ticket with an installment plan of either 2 or 4 months.

The official website published: “See Tickets, Ticketmaster and Ticketline will be running a payment plan for customers who wish to split the full cost of buying their tickets into 2 or 4 monthly installments.”

The 2 month plan asks for 50% up front and then 50% the following month.

The four month plan asks for 25% up front with 25% for the following 3 months after.

You can read more information here

The ticket sale date has not yet been confirmed but it is expected it will be sometime around mid March. Prices have also not been confirmed.

The Cure and The Macabees for Leeds Festival 2012?

We’ve been tipped off that The Cure will headline Leeds Festival 2012, and The Macabees will take one of the headline slots on the NME stage.

One of our readers E-mailed us to tell us that a friend had recently met The Macabees at a gig in Newcastle where they revealed the news to him.

We can by no means confirm that this will happen but based on the evidence it looks likely.

So far Kasabian, Greenday and The Foo Fighters have all be strongly linked with this years bash…we’ll have to wait and see how things pan out!

Tickets for Leeds Festival 2012 are expected to go on sale in March.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

We Want your Leeds Festival Photos

We’d love to add a Leeds Festival gallery to the website, but for this we’re going to need your help!

If you’d like to have your photo in our gallery send it over to hello@leedsfest.org and we’ll sort out the rest!

Please make sure that your photo is more than 600px wide before you send it! That way everyone can enjoy it properly.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your shots!

Favorite Leeds Festival Headliner Ever?

Here we are again with another ‘discussion’ based post!

We’d love to hear what your favorite Leeds Festival headliner has been over the years. No rules on how far back you go and no rules on which stage either.

Leave a comment below and let us know who’s impressed you the most so far…!