Line-up Predictions for Leeds Festival 2013

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Leeds Festival 2012 has only just finished, but now that we’ve heard all your best memories its time to start looking forward to next year! Anyone else already getting a bit excited…?

To get the Leeds Festival 2013 news and rumours flowing, we’d love you all to leave a comment and tell us who you want to see playing there, or even if you don’t like them, who you think might perform.

Go ahead a leave a comment below, we look forward to reading what you put!

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Memories From Leeds Festival 2012?

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Can you believe it…Leeds Festival 2012 is already over :(! We hope you all had a fantastic time drinking, smoking, watching the bands etc etc etc.

We’d love to hear about your memories from the festival, so leave a comment below and let us know what you most enjoyed about this year’s bash.

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Safe Sex Message to be Spread Across Leeds Festival 2012 Campsites

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Organisers have confirmed that a strong safe sex message will be spread across the Leeds Festival 2012 campsites by TheyFit.

TheyFit is, “a revolutionary new safe sex company, based in the UK, who specialise in a range of custom fitted condoms,” and offer more than 90 sizes to choose from!

Promotional teams will be roaming the campsite in search of those of you looking to…how should we put it..’get lucky’.

For more information visit the TheyFit website here.

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…Introducing ‘The Ticket Farm’

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Myself and a good friend and developer have been using some of our time recently to create a ticket comparison website.

After some additional struggles we now have the website live and running.

Its called The Ticket Farm and, despite being in its very early stages, still proves to be a useful tool for finding the cheapest gig and concert tickets by comparing a number of mainstream distributes.

We hope you can use our website to save some of your hard-earned money.

Click here to start comparing – Ticket Comparison Website

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Apply to Volunteer at Leeds Festival 2012

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If you can’t afford to get a ticket to Leeds Festival 2012 but are desperate to go, there is the option of volunteering.

Usually you will have to pay for the ticket in full, and the money is then refunded providing you turn up to the shifts you are given.

If you are interested in the scheme, head over to the Hot Box Events website here –

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Leeds Festival Confirm Burger and Beer offer Rumours

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Official organisers at Leeds Festival 2012 have confirmed that ticket holders will be entitled to a FREE breakfast burger and beer or soft drink each day.

Vouchers for the refreshments will go out with the tickets when they are posted to buyers.

Melvin Benn said, “Beer and Burger (B&B) has become Beer and Breakfast Bap (B&BB).
Of course it was never intended to be only beer as soft drinks were always going to be on offer and that will remain”

To read more information about this offer, visit the official website here –

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Organisers Reveal Picture of Stages Being Built

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Leeds Festival 2012 is this month! Are you all getting nice and excited?

Leeds Festival organisers posted this picture on their Facebook page today which got our team all excited about this year’s bash.

Check it out:

leeds festival 2012

So who are you most looking forward to seeing at the Festival this year? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Benn: Leeds Festival Sub-headliners Will Headline in the Future

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Melvin Benn, Chief organiser of Leeds Festival 2012, says he has no doubt this year’s sub-headliners will progress to headline the music event in future.

Speaking to radio one Benn said that Paramore, The Black Keys and Florence and the Machine were all capable of taking the prestigious headline slots further down the line.

“Paramore, Florence, The Black Keys – you are seeing future headliners. No question in my view. The act that plays before the headliner will get a similar expectation from the audience.”

Benn also revealed that Paramore had turned down headline slots at other UK festivals this summer to play their slot under headline band The Cure.

“They didn’t want to do it,” he said, “They wanted to play that position with The Cure at Reading and Leeds. They will know when the time’s right, and the time will be right soon, I’m sure.”

Leeds Festival takes place this month on 24 -26th August 2012.

You can view who’s playing on our Leeds Festival line-up page.

Source: NME

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Leeds Festival 2012 Ticket Dispatch Starts Next Week

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Officials at Leeds Festival 2013 headquarters have revealed that ticket dispatch will start next week.

On the official Facebook page they made the following post:

“Ticket dispatch starts NEXT WEEK…Can You Feel It Coming?”

Anyone starting to get excited yet?

If you still need tickets there are some weekend and day tickets available from viagogo.

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