New Leaked Leeds Festival 2012 Poster!

I already know what you thinking…we already posted one line-up ‘leak’ this week and it looks as though its pretty much a fake after Slipknot confirmed they were not playing, however this new one does seem to look a little more legit!

I was send this by a reader who wished to remain anonymous (understandable) but apparently they reckon its 100% legit and is a mobile phone shot taken from an issue of Kerrang which is set to go out after the Leeds Festival line-up is officially announced.

Reader X informed me that the person that sent this to them works for Bauer Media, the company behind Kerrang and many other popular publications.

We understand this could seem a little fascicle posting numerous line-up posters, but we post this stuff so that everyone can investigate!

UPDATE 23/2/12 – Had another email this morning from the same guy explaining that this is a draft for the next issue of Kerrang, and not the complete line-up. He claims most of the acts on here will play though

Let us know your thoughts!

  • ITK

    Definitely fake. Radiohead would headline, Jay-Z/Kanye West are way too low, and Blur would headline over The Killers in the current climate. Would probably have been the other way round a few years ago.

    • I thought that about Jay-z, definitely made me skeptical but I can see Radiohead taking that slot.

  • emily

    fake. there is absolutely no way that Radiohead would sub to the Foo Fighters.

  • jackorious

    I really hope this is real…

    • your joking? radiohead headlined leeds/reading two years ago, blur and jay have both headlined glastonbury. No way is this real, should be taken down as it's obviously fake…..

  • Ollie

    Bloc Party, The XX and Radiohead. Please be real.

  • Rachii

    Who is '__ The Night Drive-In'? Is that like At The Drive-In for someone who doesn't even know the band's name? The font doesn't even look right on this, never mind the line-up

    • Conor Geraghty

      Ever thought theres an 'At' just outside the frame you tard

  • Liam

    Fake. Kasabian are TBC on eFestivals and I've never seen that site get it wrong! Kasabian are definitely headlining a day. Plus Jay Z and Kanye are far too low!

    • That's a good point, they are pretty damn reliable to be fair!

      • Kep

        Nope. They're Headlinging T in the Park. Don't leeds only have exclusive headliners?

        • Lewis

          Seem to remember Pulp headlining Isle of White last year…

          • LukeyDev

            Kasabian are English exclusives

          • charles

            got that one right lewis

      • Really interesting they've just been confirmed for T in the Park. Aren't Leeds headliners always UK exclusive??

        • kurt

          maybe there not headlining.. unlikely but still a possibilty.

  • Pete

    Noooo please be fake, I need green day there!!

  • ladedaaa

    there is no way lostprophets would be that low with an album out in the near future either :/ I can't see jay-z and kanye being so low down either or blur over the killers with the whole brit awards just happening.

  • crazybarry

    Yeh agree with you lot. On top of what you guys have said, you could also point out Lana Del Rey. She's good, but frankly there's no way she's making it off Festival Republic Stage this year.

  • Ian

    Don't think The Cure or The Killers will be there. Radiohead 100% wouldn't sub at Leeds, Jay-Z too low down. Don't even think Feeder are big enough to headline NME anymore. Gaslight Anthem would probably play above Klaxons too.

  • PolarNigel

    I can only name a few bands (according to my dad) who are playing.
    Bloc Party above Chiefs? Naa' man. Bloc still haven't confirmed. Florence will be getting a main stage slot this year too. The Cure aren't playing this year unfortunately, though i can confirm that one of the acts on the Saturday ARE headlining the Friday, apparently it'll be a Dustland Fairytale if they headline..
    Killers, NG & Blur could all headline every night, they wouldn't be crammed on to one night, Noel wouldn't support Blur anyway, or at least his management say otherwise..
    Foo Fighters will DEFINITELY headline one night anyway and will probably close the festival so to me, Sunday seems bang on.

    • i can imagine them doing 6 headliners in the absense of Glasto trying to make it massive…they did 4 last year and would make the poster make a bit more sense…

  • anon

    HAHAHAHAHA anyone who believes this is a complete idiot. Seriously. Get your head tested. Oh my jesus christ. This site should be deleted for even posting it

    • well you've obviously misunderstood the whole point of us posting it then, its so people can come and have a constructive discussion and crush any crap that's flying around on the net.

      That's are intention anyway, otherwise we'd post it as 'we can exclusively reveal the line-up!!!' etc you get what I mean, and that is not what this site is about at all!

  • Jake

    'The Night Drive In' aren't even a band I don't think…it's 'At The Drive In'…

    • Had another email from the same guy last night, claims its a draft for the next issue of Kerrang and is not final, however most of the bands on there will play. Kind of changes the game a bit and would explain that mistake..

  • rrrrrrr

    Jack White, Laura Marling & the subways aren't in equal alignment, so i'd say it's bullshit, a magazine, would make sure the text was aligned…

    Foo Figthers with Soundgarden subbing or QOTSA.
    Green Day with No Doubt somwhere.
    Token Bullshit Indie day Kasabian with Noel Gallagher Subbing or Blur with Kaiser Chiefs or someone else subbing.

    Cure NME.
    Chemical Brothers NME.
    ????? NME.

  • LukeyDev

    Blur and Radiohead only subbing, with Jay-Z and Kanye West 4th from top. You could say many things about this clearly fake line-up but "does seem to look a little more legit" is not one of them.

    • It looks more legit than the one that was sent to us last week, that was what I was referencing when I said that

    • charles

      blur and radiohead are too big to sub like you said. but last time jay-z played leeds he got bottled off, so i think thats about right

  • Simon

    Guys, it’s important to remember that it is only february and if this is genuinely taken from Kerrang it won’t be the final design/lineup. That only comes a couple of weeks before the reveal. If it is genuine however it’s likely the bare bones of it will stay the same. Oh and also Foos after Radio head looks fishy unless they’re doing what Pulp and The Strokes did in 2011

    • That's what i'm thinking they might be doing as well. Would make sense with glasto being off. This also clears up the spelling mistake of the band in the bottom left that people were banging on about.

    • charles

      4headliners, blur/radiohead &foos/radiohead?

  • Gavin

    need muse!!!

  • Craig

    No way bombay bicycle club would take that spot + Jay z and kanye at R&L's really?? plus Kasabian are more or less confirmed. Definately fake!!

  • charlie

    Dream line up, please be true!

  • Alexander

    if it is real though, I will kiss Reader X aggressively

  • Louie

    Radiohead are dull, blur are past it, jay z and kanye's music was atrocious. Definatley right headliners, saturday looks insane. Hope it's real!

  • boj200

    Why would the magazine be designing the festival's ad….think you've got this one wrong

    • Thats a valid point, although it could have been a draft Leeds send over. I've done mock-ups for people before

  • Ben

    I'm afraid I don't believe this for one second, can only see Foo Fighters being the right Headliner. If Radiohead are there then they'd headline. Blur would easily Headline over The Killers. And like has been mentioned, Kasabian are TBC on e-festivals who are rarely wrong once they've got a Strong Rumour or TBC. Also Would throw guesses at Frank Turner being there as he's played every R&L fest since 2006. Also Biffy Clyro making a return to R&L with a Double Album this year! Wouldn't bet against Tenacious D either. Personally can't see The Cure Headlining R&L. I'd ignore any and all 'leaked' line ups until I see the real one on March 12th!!

  • lolol

    i can see radiohead subbing the foo fighters, the foos are so much more popular. but blur and the killers is odd

  • ross

    not even just the whole order of the bands like blur and radiohead would not sub, its shoddily done, the writings all different sizes, plus the old foofighters logo has been used, it is blatantly fake

  • moo

    blur subbing the killers? ROFL I like the killers but blur are way bigger than them. Unless they joint headlined. but not looking believable atm

  • charles

    all i want is the cure, foos and blur. so its pretty much my dream lineup for my first year there.

    but there are 5 headliners there

  • Bryony Isabella

    Well that line-up's a pile of crap. Urgh… Leeds went downhill this year.

  • Phillis McCleaveland

    Not real, Enter Shikari have confirmed they are not playing

  • Don't think we're going to be able to jump to any more insightful conclusions about this one so I've now closed comments.

    Thanks for everyone who came and shared their thoughts!