Most Believable Leeds Festival 2012 Line-up Poster Yet?

Could the following image be the real line-up for Leeds Festival 2012? This is certainly the most legitimate looking poster we’ve seen so far.

Would love to hear some thoughts so please leave a comment below!

(Thanks loads for tweeter @NickCreaser who shared this with us!)

  • dave

    banging line up foos should be sunday

  • jackorious

    On the main stage, I would probably only go and see the Foos and Less than jake…I sincerely hope this isn't the real poster…

    • mvickers03

      Well your taste sucks! Kasabian? The Black Keys? Vampire Weekend? Slipknot? Thats pretty awesome fool

  • Joe

    I hope this is real with a passion! πŸ˜€

  • Ella <3

    All We need is some Mumford and sons, Florence + the machines, Marina and the diamonds and maybe change greenday for pendulum or prodigy x

    • Holly

      Go to Download for Prodigy,

    • tash

      go to southside then.

    • Tom

      So shitty Indie bands? Nah think we are alright.

  • Sue

    Foo's, Black keys + Lost Prophets! Hope it is for real :)))

  • Ste

    Oh come on!! We all know green day won’t be playing… How many years have then been rumoured for now?

  • josh

    it isn't reaaaaaal, someone made it and posted it on efestival forums

  • josh

    main stage is convincing, not so sure about the nme tent, the placements of some bands dont sit right with me, (flats, king blues,) more likely to be in the lock up

  • shaun

    new order? fuck yes please, i know the bassist isnt playin with them anymore because hes up his own ass playing joy division songs while slagging them off for still playing new order songs xD but cant wait if this line up comes true

  • Crommy

    If thats the lineup im there! LESS THAN JAKE RULE!!!!

  • si

    Line up looks decent if true but that isn’t the new order
    logo, no where near it

  • amy

    the Saturday is the worst line up -.-, wish FooFighters where on the Sunday, because then i could get a day ticket just for the Sunday !

  • kie

    slipknot and greenday are the 2 most unbelievable!

  • jon

    solid line-up, if true

  • Lea

    It's been 8yrs since Green Day played Leeds so they r deffo due.. Slipknot pulled out a few yrs bck so thats also a solid possibility.. Kasabian = About bloody time! Foo's… Ffs…!

  • barry

    No thanks.

  • King Of The Slums

    How can have New Order warming up for them fops Kasabian? Shocking programming!

  • Jen

    Why would two door cinema club play Radio 1 stage when they were on main stage last year?! I don’t buy it I’m afraid.

    • John

      Because they were low down and i'm sure they'd love to headline a tent..

  • APM

    Pretty odd that Two Door Cinema Club are on the NME when last year they were pretty high up on the main stage. Great potential lineup though πŸ™‚

    • tash

      They're headlining NME tour so it's not that big a surprise :]

    • luke

      they have a 2nd album coming out. More songs for a longer set. A headline set. And they obviously aren't gonna headline the main stage

  • Crommy

    They might have chosen to headline a tent for better atmosphere, lostprophets did that a few years ago

  • :()

    Why is Leeds Fest main stage now an indie fest, what happened to all the punk (not pop punk) and metal?

    • luke

      Thats what Download is for.

  • tas

    dude theres slipknot..

  • Jess

    put all time low on the sunday line up and it would awesome

  • Terry

    There seems to be a dstinct lack of the Cure on this line up, i too think this is a fake, close to what the official will look like though. i also couldnt hide my disappointment at the linups when i first saw the poster excluding Slipknot.. <— wanted to see three years ago.

  • Gazz

    Will be gutted if TDCC are on at the same time as Foo Fighters, and Maccabees same time as Kasabian. And also would have thought Slipknot would be big enough to headline.

  • Joe

    sorry guys i heard this has been confirmed as a fake, i'm gutted to =/

  • Mr T

    Terrible fake, i dont see you me at six supporting slipknot, and slipknot supporting green day, slipknot are headliners all day long. The rest of it sums leeds up for the last few years, shit

  • Kds

    If blink 182 were in the place of kasabian is. It will be one of the best line ups out there.

  • KdE

    Shit line up but would be better if blink was there

  • dave

    does any 1 know if foos a defo?

  • Emma

    All time low omg asbhdhdid this better be true.

  • Ryan

    Lol it's a fake. Chase and Status are playing a festival called Clapham Common on the Saturday and Sunday.

  • samii wells

    this may be real! or slightly. All time low said that they'd be coming back in the summer, and the only festival they didn't do last year was leeds/reading. lostprophets new album comes out soon, thats why theres a tour and they'll do a festival run, and foo fighters have been rumoured for ages, so they have to go :')

  • Charlie Miller

    First of all Slipknot have said they are unlikely to do anything in 2012 as Corey Taylor is completing an album with Stone Sour and the slipknot crew have all said they need more time to get over basis Paul Grays death. The only thing they will be doing over the next few years is working on a new album so playing Leeds and Reading is highly unlikely and for that reason I would have to of thought that this poster is fake? Second of all if this is a fake, I'm pretty glad as no Leeds festival is made without the participation of Frank Turner. The man is a living legend at Reading and Leeds and after playing his first main stage slot last year and getting the crowed to sit on a wet and filthy ground and then jump up in his name (energizing the crowed more than just about any band did on the Friday at Leeds) he deserves to be right back up their again or at least be high up on the listings in the NME tent.

  • Sami

    this is definitely fake. 2door were on mainstage last year so why on earth would they have been moved down to NME? its the biggest load of shit i've seen

  • Jack

    Like someone's already said, Chase & Status are already playing a festival that weekend so they wouldn't be there. Also, Green Day and Slipknot are both recording/taking some time off, so I doubt they'd return from that for a UK festival. Thirdly, it's really unlikely that TDCC will be as low as they are there, considering they were on around 3pm last year on the main stage. And I'm really shocked that there's no mention of Bloc Party, they've pretty much played it in some form every year since they started, and I would have thought now they're back together they'd be playing a major festival? Especially as there's no Glasto this year.

    • Luke

      But Two Door Cinema Club is shown as headlining the NME tent which sounds about right.

  • Katg!/CoreyTaylorRock/status/171
    Slipknot are definitely not playing, the rest could be true though

  • Joshua

    Pretty Obvious its fake seen as thugh the alignment is terrible for the band names

  • aaa

    Slipknot have confirmed they wont be playing this πŸ™