Memories From Leeds Festival 2012?

Can you believe it…Leeds Festival 2012 is already over :(! We hope you all had a fantastic time drinking, smoking, watching the bands etc etc etc.

We’d love to hear about your memories from the festival, so leave a comment below and let us know what you most enjoyed about this year’s bash.


    • Thanks for leaving a comment, the Foo’s are a quality live band!

  • Amazing weekend, roll on next year! Can’t wait to find out who is playing

  • Deffo the Foo Fighters / Florence were awesome and FINALLY seeing Social Distortion for the 1st time!

    • Glad to hear you had a good one mate! The Foos always put on a quality show.

  • Sam Wainwright.

    Foo fighters, only reason I went, as usual they were awesome, thanks for a great time Leeds 🙂

    • A lot of Foo love here! Thanks for the comment

  • zorro

    we convinced a ‘large’ girl to sit in a rubber dinghy and crowd surf to black keys. instead of that, however, we threw her forward and she landed like a cannon ball on some unsuspecting members of the crowd. arguable harsh but it was very funny.

    also jizzed in my pants at kasabian when they did ID

    • LOL hilarious….but yes a bit harsh ^_^

  • Louise

    Getting kicked in the side of the head whilst trying to lift a guy up onto his friends shoulders during The Vaccines was pretty funny. He was very apologetic and it felt like a victory for all of us who were close to him when he appeared on the main screen a few seconds later!

    Also finding a drunk guy stumbling through Orange looking for his tent in Green camp and safely delivering him back to his friends was a feel good moment.

    Oh and Foo’s of course. All in all a legendary weekend!

    • Sounds like some funny memories there! haha. thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Ghrol

    Being woken up by a power crazed gastapo security guard shaking our tents demanding we get up and clean our neighbours campsite

    Its been a good 10years Leeds but we’re moving on

    • Know a lot of people that have had trouble with them. It seems that these power trippers have their own rules inside Leeds. Its a shame its ruining it for people, you should make sure you complain!

      • mike

        the security this year were ridiculous, they were taking weed off people all the time for no reason when they were being quiet and causing no trouble, 2 dodgy security guards blackmailed me and my friend out of money to not have the police called on my friend who was caught with a small amount of powder. very disappointed, will never go again.

        • I can probably guess why they were taking it…to smoke it themselves! Gutted to hear of another person who has had their experience ruined by these clowns! Please complain to the official website as its the only way anything will get done about it!

  • Cookie Lover

    We got black cookie, white cookie, we got smelly cookie if you find cheaper cookie anywhere EAT IT! to anyone in green camp site I apologise for our boisterous antics haha. Best Leeds yet roll on 2013!!!

    • Lol sounds interesting mate, thanks for sharing your memories! 🙂