Favorite Leeds Festival Headliner Ever?

Here we are again with another ‘discussion’ based post!

We’d love to hear what your favorite Leeds Festival headliner has been over the years. No rules on how far back you go and no rules on which stage either.

Leave a comment below and let us know who’s impressed you the most so far…!

  • jessica

    Biffy clyro everytime

  • Shannen


  • Zoe :D


  • Ramiro


  • Tash


  • jack rayment

    MUSE! :DD

  • Guest


  • Dom

    Muse? really guys? I thought they were really boring… BLINK-182 by an absolute mile for me, although Pulp were pretty good… also, I only started going 6 years ago so I missed Green Day who are my favourite band and ate amazing live, so if I’d been I’d probably say them

  • Heidi

    30 seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance!!!

  • Kurt

    Kings blatently.. for one they said we blew Reading out the water.

  • MUSEmaniac


  • sheedawg


  • SG90

    Smashing Pumpkins 1995 or Pearl Jam 2006.