Discussion: Best Leeds Festival Memory?

We want to introduce more fan discussions in to the blog this year so what better way to start things off than to ask what your favorite Leeds Festival memory is?

It can be anything you like. Maybe it was an awesome band you saw, or a comical drunken adventure that you had.

Leave a comment below and let us know your best one! Also feel free to reply to other comments and start conversations with fellow fans! We all share a love of Leeds Festival here don’t forget!

  • Chris

    One of my mates rode one of the big red bins down the orange hill in 2009. Everyone stood up and gave him a round of applause. That was was pretty epic for 6am on the monday morning.

    • Haha thats quality mate! Thanks for coming and leaving a comment 🙂

  • Liam

    It was about 1AM on the last night and I had only eaten 3 tins of cold soup the entire weekend and had no sleep. My mate saw me looking a bit grim (wearing nothing but a quilt i had made into a poncho style thing) and offered to buy me some meat from our camp gammon thing. I obviouisly said yes and we set off on what seems like the biggest drunken trall across the camp ever. All was fine and the meet was baught. On the way back we got stopped by two men who put there hands together and then slowly moved apart from each other infront of us. We where confused until they started shouting 'LIMBO LIMBO'. My mate said 'just let it go , you're to drunk and youl drop the meat! It's not worth it!'. I had other ideas. So i braced myself and with the meet in one hand and a can in the other I went for it. Slowest 3 seconds of my life. Worked out in the end. Best fucking meal I have ever had.

  • Shawn