Camping Tips

Half of the battle of having a great time at a festival, including Leeds Festival, is getting the camping right.

Provided that you are vaguely organised, camping will be a breeze and will mean you can get on and enjoy the rest of the festival.

Listed below is a checklist with all the essentials that you will need. We’ve thrown a few tips in there too for extra measure. Remember if you have any of your own leave a comment and we’ll gladly add them to the list!

Ticket – Remember to put your ticket in. Place it somewhere safe and where it won’t get ruined.

Money, Cash and Debit/Credit card – These are things that you should keep with you at all times. I would suggest withdrawing around £50 before you get into the festival because the ATM machines usually take a huge commission.

Clothes and Spare Clothes – The worst thing ever is getting wet and not having any dry clothes to change into. I found that the most useful spare is socks. Its awesome to change into some clean socks when you feel like rubbish.

Camera – An essential item for capturing those classic Glastonbury memories! I would suggest stocking up on disposables so you aren’t constantly worried about losing your digital. Also, a lot of your stuff is likely to get knocked around and disposables are very durable.

Mobile Phone – Very useful for finding friends when you are lost, and showing your mate an awesome song when he’s at home! Remember to keep it switched off at night and when you are not using it to save the battery life. Its got to last 3-4 days!

Condoms – If your thinking of getting lucky, its better to be safe than sorry

Pain Killers – Essential for that morning hang over. Be sure to drink lots of water too.

Sun Cream – You never know how the weather may turn out, so pack some just in case.

Hat – Useful for keeping those sun rays off your sensitive scalp. Make it as bizzare as you like!

Tin and Bottle Opener – If you have either of these you will be very popular at the festival.

Toilet Paper – It’s useful for a number of reasons so make sure someone in your group packs a roll.

Torch – Very useful for hunting around in the dark, and finding stuff in your tent.

Tooth brush/Chewing Gum – Everyone hates bad breath and everyone hates dentist bills, so take both of these with you to Glastonbury.

Wet Wipes – Forget the showers, wet wipes are the only cleansing device you will need at a festival. I underestimated their amazingness until i woke up feeling grotty on the second day. They are useful for cleaning cuts too.

Sunglasses – Very useful for when it gets sunny, and for hiding your expressions around strange people.

Stove and Pan – very useful for cooking up some food when you get the munchies.

Knife Fork and Spoon – They don’t take up any space, and are always needed so make sure you pack them.

A mug – A mug can accommodate any type of drink hot or cold. It can also hold soup and noodles, so make sure you pack one!

Water Container – useful for washing up and making drinks.

A small bottle of spirits – Beer will probably be an awefu lot inside the festival so top up on some spirits to make getting drunk a little cheaper. You. are reminded to always drink responsibly.

Matches/skins/tobacco – Don’t be the guy thats always taking peoples tobacco, you are annoying. If you don’t smoke then i still recommend matches

Your mates – the most important part of any festival


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