Benn: Leeds Festival Sub-headliners Will Headline in the Future

Melvin Benn, Chief organiser of Leeds Festival 2012, says he has no doubt this year’s sub-headliners will progress to headline the music event in future.

Speaking to radio one Benn said that Paramore, The Black Keys and Florence and the Machine were all capable of taking the prestigious headline slots further down the line.

“Paramore, Florence, The Black Keys – you are seeing future headliners. No question in my view. The act that plays before the headliner will get a similar expectation from the audience.”

Benn also revealed that Paramore had turned down headline slots at other UK festivals this summer to play their slot under headline band The Cure.

“They didn’t want to do it,” he said, “They wanted to play that position with The Cure at Reading and Leeds. They will know when the time’s right, and the time will be right soon, I’m sure.”

Leeds Festival takes place this month on 24 -26th August 2012.

You can view who’s playing on our Leeds Festival line-up page.

Source: NME